Congratulations on wanting to find a yoga session for yourself!

This year will be an amazing year and I will be bringing my new learning’s into the sessions as I learn and grow too.

My intention for 2019 and beyond is to feel more strong, sexy and alive, and this is what the sessions are about. Let me know your intention and how it can be worked into the session too!

My yoga sessions will help you feel strong, centred and more relaxed. It is yoga plus more (Yoga +). You will sleep better, have relief from aches and pains, increase awareness, flexibility, reduce anxiety and feel more freedom and joy! This is particularly good for women who have had babies and wish to build their core strength, feminine energy and feel more strong, sexy and alive!

Don’t worry if you haven’t done yoga before. I’ve been teaching for 7 years and I get a good sense for what can help you. I can also accommodate injuries and concerns and will take care of you. You will feel the difference.

$120 for 6 weeks and after your first term you receive a 10% discount making it $108. Bring a friend and you both receive 30% discount off first term fee. Previous Yoga Mamma’s receive 30% discount off their first term.

Happy to chat about any questions or concerns you may have. I look forward to meeting you!