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Such a relaxing and beneficial 'me' class to participate in. Louise is such a professional instructor and tailors the session to everyone's needs during each stage of pregnancy.

Emily Ash (Vermont South)

Thanks a lot for all your help.  This pregnancy has been a bit tough and even a few classes of your yoga and
meditation really helped me a lot.  I really mean it. 

Sunitha Sanjay (Vermont South)

Louise I love, love, love your pre-natal yoga classes and look forward to Monday nights each week. It truly is time to take out for myself, to look after my body and my baby and as a mother of a toddler as well as working, this time is precious. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your classes to all expecting mothers, it is a fabulous class that teaches wonderful relaxation, stretching and toning exercises in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Erin Gilligan (Canberra)

Being a part of your Yoga Mamma classes has been such a wonderful experience for me - I have nothing but praise for you! I look forward to the 'guilt-free me-time' every Monday night! Your prenatal yoga classes have helped me to relax, enjoy my pregnancy, look after my body and more importantly (and surprisingly) look after my mind. The stretches challenge me, the relaxation is divine and the interaction with all the beautiful expecting-mothers an added bonus. Thank you for always being so approachable, friendly and warm I wouldn't hesitate in recommending your classes to anyone.

Andreza Viana Redmayne (Canberra)


I have nearly completed my first course at Yoga Mamma. Best thing I've done in pregnancy... makes me feel flexible and stretched, knowing that everything I was doing was safe for both baby and me. I always look forward to the class even when I'm completely exhausted and leave a class feeling refreshed, relaxed and 'at one' with my baby. I will be signing up for another round and cannot recommend Louise's classes enough!

Keira Burt (Canberra)

I started attending yoga classes with Louise and Yoga Mammas when I was 8 weeks pregnant with my second child. I found that the classes helped keep me relaxed throughout the pregnancy, not only providing weekly 'me' time, but giving me an opportunity to keep focus on my body and baby. I felt strong throughout the pregnancy and was able to use the relaxation techniques during the birth to help with contractions. I was able to cope with the labour without pain relief and deliver a healthy baby naturally. Now, post birth I know my body has recovered better, I have no abdominal separation, and I feel physically stronger because of the classes. I only wish I had been able to have the same experience with my first child, and comparing the two pregnancies I know that Yoga Mammas made me much more happier, relaxed and healthier this time around. Thanks Louise.

Lisa McLeod (Canberra)

I have really enjoyed going to your classes. They are wonderfully relaxed and are a great opportunity to switch off away from work and the family (as much as we love them!) I always felt refreshed and re-energised afterwards. Being pregnant with your first baby can be a little daunting so it was wonderful to be able to chat to other ladies who were experiencing the same or pregnant with their second or third child. I really appreciated the breathing and pointers that could be used during labour - certainly more confident. Seeing the other ladies start to "pop" was really special. You were great instructing - relaxed and calm but certainly made sure we were feeling the benefits. Thanks again Louise - I could not recommend the classes more highly!

Milly Sheridan (Canberra)

I started going to Yoga Mamma when I was 18 weeks pregnant with my first baby. Since then I have looked forward to every session. I really enjoy the time to relax and focus on myself once a week. After the sessions I feel like I've just had a massage. I would highly recommend  Yoga Mamma to any of my pregnant friends.

 Brooke (Canberra)

Thanks so much. I loved every minute of it. It was so nice as a first time mum to meet other pregnant ladies and get some exercise as well. I've been recommending your class to everyone (including the Physio I was seeing).

Katy (Canberra)

Yoga Mamma has been a saviour for me during my pregnancy from early days at Week 14 to the latter part of pregnancy. Yoga Mama showed me how to move and stretch safely which is what I needed through out my pregnancy. The atmosphere is warm and comfortable and Louise is always great talking us through everything. I recommend the Yoga Mamma class to every mamma-to-be. It's your time you give to yourself and it's a very welcoming environment.

Maile (Canberra)

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