You’re at the right place if you’re looking to do some yoga and you’re pregnant, or you’re a woman looking for a great yoga session for yourself or your child. Well done for taking the time to look after yourself!

When you join Yoga Mamma you will be practising self-care and keeping your body physically strong, breathing well and being mindful of your thoughts. The real benefit is if women haven’t done yoga before, or are not taking time out for themselves, it’s the beginning of doing that, looking after yourself and getting to know your body and self better. This is in essence what Yoga Mamma is all about – self care and resilience. Resilience, meaning being able to adjust to changing circumstances without too much stress.

Yoga Mamma is currently running prenatal and women’s sessions.  Don’t worry if you have never done yoga before.  All of the poses and relaxation techniques are explained and demonstrated slowly, to ensure you are safe, enjoy a good workout and hopefully leave feeling more relaxed and re-energised.

So if this sounds right for you, I would love to hear from you either by email at or phone on  0420 441 272.  I am more than happy to take your call and discuss any queries you may have.


Yoga Mamma Prenatal Yoga suits women of all ages and fitness levels, in their second and third trimesters of pregnancy. The sessions follow a sequence of gentle poses that are stretching, strengthening and toning to help keep the body open and energised, in preparation for birth and beyond.

Each week, you will learn techniques and tips to: reduce tension; feel more relaxed; alleviate fear; and think more clearly and be present, so you can make the right decisions for you and your baby when you need to.  This will also help you to come to terms with your growing body and as the days get closer to your birth (natural or CS), to accept and feel less fear of the unknown and trust that your body and baby know what to do. Therefore, giving your body and baby the best opportunity to birth, recover and generate breast milk for your little one. You will experience: improved flexibility; movement; posture; pelvic floor strength and relief from any symptoms of pregnancy such as aching backs, hips and shoulders.


Yoga Mamma Women’s Yoga suits women of all ages and fitness levels who would like to reconnect with their core, body and bliss.  There is a focus on self-care and resilience by working with core strength, the pelvic floor and sequences of gentle poses that are stretching, strengthening, stabilising and toning on the body.

Each week, you will learn techniques and tips to: reduce tension; feel more relaxed; alleviate anxiety; and think more clearly and be present, so you can make the right decisions for yourself when you need to.

Yoga Mamma Women’s Yoga is for you if you would like to:

  • Feel more comfortable in and accepting of your body;
  • Be more toned and strong;
  • Feel more upright, stable and grounded by reconnecting with your core and pelvic floor and strengthening these areas of your body;
  • Breathe better and feel more relaxed and energised;
  • Be more aware of the sensations and emotions in your body and the thoughts in your mind;
  • Feel more calm and clear in your mind by doing mindfulness meditation to train the mind to rest in the present and not be so caught up in the thinking, planning and analysing that women find difficult to switch off, with all of the domestic/family/work obligations and responsibilities;
  • Feel some relief from symptoms such as aching back, hips, shoulders and sciatica – poses can be adjusted for injuries and sensitivities.
  • Feel some relief if you are suffering anxiety, depression and other debilitating emotional conditions as a result of separation, divorce, grief or any other life traumas; and
  • Practice in a safe, supportive and nourishing space.


Yoga Mamma Kids Yoga uses fun music to get children moving, stretching and exercising in the yoga poses, while enjoying the benefits of yoga techniques such as breathing, mindfulness meditation and deep relaxation. Your child will be stretching, dancing, prancing, walking, jumping, marching, skipping, jogging, moving, grooving, laughing, breathing, shaking, meditating and more! They will be doing poses of animals and nature such as lions, trees and flowers.

The sessions motivate children to be active, build confidence, and better manage their emotions that they experience during the day at school, home and other activities.  The sessions are great for all ages and is a group activity that is non-competitive.

With the benefits of yoga well recognised, having your child do some yoga can help them navigate the pressures they may feel with more ease by learning skills to find calm and peace within and building resilience. The skills they will learn are not only useful while they are at school, but skills for the rest of their life!

 Private sessions available 

Private VIP packages

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